OFW Passes Away in Dubai Because of The Maltreatment; Employer of the Filipina, Jailed!

MANILA, Philippines — A Filipina working as a domestic worker in Dubai lost her life because of alleged maltreatment by her employer. Before she passed away, the Filipina was able to tell her family in the Philippines about the maltreatment she experienced at the hands of her employers.

According to GMA News, the victim was identified as Maria Sigrid Sanchez Santos. It’s unfortunate that Maria was still able to report the maltreatment that she suffered from her employer but didn’t receive immediate help before she lost her life.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In a photo that she sent to her family, Maria had bruises and wounds on her back. She was also detained and prevented from eating regularly and didn’t receive the right salary according to her contract.

To keep her from escaping, the employer of Maria confiscated her passport, important documents, and her mobile phone.

According to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the employer of Maria has already been imprisoned in Dubai as well as three other personalities related to her demise.

Meanwhile, the child of Santos appealed for help from the government to obtain justice for the untimely passing of Maria as well as the repatriation of her remains as soon as possible.

Maria was recruited by a filipina recruiter and uses a tourist visa to enter Dubai last 2019. As of writing the POLO Office in Dubai and POEA confirmed that since 2015 United Arab Emirates deployment ban is still in effect and they are already investigating the recruiter of Maria and will file charges of illegal recruitment and human trafficking.

Reporting by Nadine Castro

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