4 Dubai-bound Pinays stopped at NAIA for pretending to head to Europe for work

MANILA, Philippines — Four Filipino women who allegedly pretended that they were going to work in Europe but were actually found to be recruited to work in Dubai were stopped at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last week, the Bureau of Immigration said Sunday.

The women attempted to board an Emirates flight to Dubai at the NAIA Terminal 3 last July 12, according to the bureau’s Travel Control and Enforcement Unit.

They initially showed valid work permits and visas to Albania, but later admitted that they were actually hired to work as household service workers in Dubai, the immigration bureau said.

Their employers reportedly paid as much as P200,000 for the processing of their visas.

“This is a type of third country recruitment, wherein victims are given documents for one country, but end up being deployed in another,” BI commissioner Jaime Morente said in a statement.

“In many instances, victims are made to accept conditions that are otherwise not acceptable just to be deployed for work.”

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Morente warned Filipinos against traffickers who want to shortcut their way into earning profit at the expense of their victims.

“Don’t be misled by these unscrupulous individuals and agree to illegal means just to be deployed,” he said.

The women were endorsed to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking for further investigation and filing of charges against their recruiters.

Reporting by Nadine Castro

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