Archbishop Socrates Villegas leads Funeral Mass for Former President Noynoy Aquino

His silence after his presidential term was a silence of dignity as he brought dignity and honesty to his service to the nation as our president, he preserved the dignity after his retirement, says Archbishop Villegas.

It was a silence of a noble statesman now rare and forgotten. It was a silence of Daang Matuwid, it was a silence of nobility that sends up dignity that we truly miss now.


He endured and carried the cross of his health problems with courageous dignity, with uncomplaining fortitude, hidden from the limelight, known only to God.

Kung nagulat tayo sa kanyang biglang pagpanaw, magmasid tayo sana sa buong bansa. Hindi ba dapat din tayong magulat sa nagaganap sa ating paligid?

Eulogies have been written and spoken and shared, but the best eulogy tribute we can pay to our dear President Noy is to bring back, recover, preserve, safeguard, and never again compromise our dignity as a people and the decency of our leaders as servants, not bosses.

The flags at half-mast are not only for the dead president, but for the dying decent governance. Tayo ang boss niya, he lived by it, we are grateful for it.

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61 is an age too young to die but his relatively short life is a fitting reminder for us that what matters indeed is not how long we live but how. After all, Christ died at 33. When you are given a chance to serve, serve.

What a brave headstrong visionary he was, visionary na matigas ang ulo. Sayang. He still had so much to teach us about decency and integrity. He still had so much to teach us about good governance and professionalism.

Maybe, and I do hope, his death will spark another fire within us to resurrect his example of decency and integrity.

The sincerest form of tribute to President Noy is to relive his life lessons of decency and ethical leadership, recover honor and dignity in our private and public lives, among us private citizens and among our leaders, Says Archbishop Villegas.

Former President Noynoy Aquino died in his sleep last June 24, 2021 which shocked the whole nation. He is scheduled to be burried today besides his parents.

/ITC — AdChoiceTV News (Manila)

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