Iloilo Projects during President Noynoy Admin

Several projects worth billions of pesos were implemented in Iloilo during the administration of the late former president Noynoy Aquino.

These include the following:

▪ Iloilo Convention Center for P750 Million
▪ Iloilo River Esplanade for P281.65 Million
▪ Repair of Iloilo Hall of Justice for P50 Million
▪ DA Slaughter House Project Iloilo City for P40 Million

▪ Widening of Benigno Aquino Ave. 16.5 kms roads & bridges for P2.12 Billion
▪ Construction of Pres. Corazon Aquino Circumferential road for P1.93 Billion
▪ Widening of Jaro-Leganes Road for P100 Million

▪ Widening of Leganes to Dumanggas Road for P100 Million
▪ Breakwater Facility in Iloilo Fish Port for P30 Million

▪ Iloilo Airport Access road for P175 Million
▪ Iloilo City DOTC Ferry Terminal for P99 Million
▪ New Muelle Loney Bridge (Drilon Bridge) for P140 Million


To honor former President Noynoy Aquino, the Philippine National Flag and the Iloilo Provincial Banner flies at half-mast at the flagpoles of the Iloilo Provincial Capitol.

Earlier today, Mayor Jerry Treñas sends his condolences for the passing of Former President Noynoy and thank him for all the service he did to the people of Iloilo.

Former Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog also thanked the late President for his love to the Ilonggos’ “THANK YOU GID FOR EVERYTHING’.

(Thank you for Everything)

The people of Iloilo lauded their message to the late President. For the love, service, honesty and for insisting “Kayo ang boss ko”

The late President died in his sleep around 6:30am Thursday, 24th of June 2021 in Quezon City.

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