Woman smashes iPads, MacBooks at Hong Kong Apple store in fit of anger at ‘poor service’

HONG KONG (AdChoiceTV News) — A woman reportedly unsatisfied with service at an Apple store branch took her anger out on the products on display, smashing iPhones, iPads and MacBooks to the floor as staff watched on helplessly.

Police received reports of the incident at the Apple store in Kwun Tong’s APM mall around 8:45 pm Tuesday.

Video posted by HK01 shows the woman, wearing a baseball cap and a coral hoodie, walking around the Apple store in Kwun Tong’s APM mall and slamming display devices to the table as the security alarm blared.


At one point, she also begins flinging the devices across the store. In photos, multiple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks are seen scattered on the floor, with some left hanging off the table by their cords.

Accordign to HK01, the woman caused HK$145,000 (US$18,675) worth of damage.

When staff attempted to stop her, she yelled “don’t touch me” and continued smashing the devices, Apple Daily reported.

According to local media, the woman was unhappy with the attitude of a worker at the store.

Police arrested her on suspected charges of criminal damage and common assault. A female Apple store worker, age 48, suffered injuries to her head. She was taken to United Christian Hospital for treatment.

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/CTC — AdChoiceTV News (Hong Kong)

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