Unidentified Woman sues Tony Labrusca for acts of lasciviousness

The actor also faces a criminal complaint for aggravated physical injuries for choking another victim

Tony Labrusca faces two counts of aggravated acts of lasciviousness complaints for allegedly exposing a woman’s chest and forcefully pulling her towards his lap. 

The actor also faced a complaint of aggravated slight physical injuries for choking a man in the same night.

According to ABS-CBN News, the complaints were filed before the City Prosecutor of Makati on June 4.


The complainants’ legal counsel Regie Tongol said in a statement posted by ABS-CBN News that the incidents happened on January 16.

According to the statement, Labrusca allegedly unstrapped the complainant’s top to expose her chest and forcefully pulled her by the waist to sit on his lap. The actor also allegedly “aggressively choked” the other complainant who is the brother of jewelry brand owner Drake Dustin Ibay. 

Tongol noted that Labrusca had been drinking, and was seen by “not less than 4 witnesses.”

“The night was very traumatic to my clients as it is their first time to be victimized like this especially unexpected from one of the most idolized actors of the country presently,” Tongol said. “Mr. Labrusca being a public figure and a foreigner must learn not to be abusive of women.”

Tongol also said that his clients hoped their case would encourage other abuse victims to speak out.

According to Article 336 of the Revised Penal Code, acts of lasciviousness can be penalized by prision correccional, or imprisonment of 6 months up to 6 years.

Labrusca’s legal counsel Joji Alonso told ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe on June 4 that their camp could not comment on the matter because they have not yet received copies of the complaint-affidavits.

Alonso also called on the public “to be mindful of casting judgment based on mere allegations and unfounded claims.”


Labrusca had previously been the subject of a procedural probe by the Bureau of Immigration in 2019 for after he shouted at an immigration officer after arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

/PEM — AdChoiceTV News

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