Tony Labrusca faces criminal charges in Makati City

MANILA (AdChoiceTV News) — Actor Tony Labrusca was charged with Two (2) counts of aggravated acts of lasciviousness and aggravated slight physical injuries.

According to the woman who filed the complaint before the City Prosecutor in Makati City, Labrusca allegedly molested her twice.


First, Labrusca intentionally flicked her spaghetti straps to expose her breasts. Second, she was pulled from the waist by Tony to sit on his lap.

The woman is a friend of businessman Drake Dustin Ibay who stood as a witness to the complaint.

Tony will also face a criminal complaint for aggravated physical injuries filed by Drake Ibay’s brother who was allegedly choked by the actor after helping him go down the stairs for being too drunk that night.

Both incidents happened last January 16, 2021.

Here is the statement of the complainant’s legal counsel Atty Regie Tongol.

/ART, AdChoiceTV News

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