‘Exposed’: Julia Barretto’s denial that she’s eaten isaw draws laughs

Julia Barretto is being chided by some netizens after an old video of her resurfaced showing her eating isaw, while she earlier claimed in a vlog of boyfriend Gerald Anderson that she has never tried the said Filipino street food.

A Twitter user, @wut_upHoe, showed a video of Barretto buying and eating isaw with her former on-screen partner Ronnie Alonte. The netizen also showed part of Anderson’s vlog on April 21, where the actress said that she has not eaten the street food before.

“Never… only for you,” Barretto told Anderson in the clip.


“Julia Barretto is this [you]? Sis got EXPOSED. Tried to look cute for her [boyfriend] and tried hard to act like she never tried street food before,” the netizen stated on Twitter yesterday, May 25.

One @kdrama_ahjumma meanwhile asked Barretto, also yesterday: “Isa lang tanong ko bakit mo dine-deny ang ISAW????? Wag ganon juls. Bad yan.” (I just have one question, why are you denying isaw? Don’t do that Julia. That’s bad.)

Other netizens also chided the actress for her “selective memory,” while fans said people should “let the girl breathe” as she may have just forgotten.

“It’s funny but she could’ve just forgotten,” one @gabfuellass said on the same day.

In Anderson’s vlog, Barretto also tried other street foods such as kwek-kwek, balunbalunan and binatog while they ask each other personal questions.

When asked about her five to 10-year plan, the actress told Anderson that she wants a family in the next five years and she is willing to quit showbiz for a more “normal life.”


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