A mother discovers son’s bride-to-be as her long lost daughter

A Chinese mother discovers her long-lost biological daughter during her son’s wedding—but it happens to be the bride.

In Suzhou, China, last March 31, 2021, the groom’s mother found a familiar birthmark located on the bride’s hand. She then asked the bride’s parents if they happened to have adopted their daughter, leaving the couple shocked.

And for the first time, the couple revealed that they found the bride by the roadside 20 years ago, and managed to take her into their care.

Following the revelation, the bride and her biological mother hugged each other, crying, to celebrate their reunion.

But that’s not all. Much to the bride’s relief, her fiancé is not her elder brother and is not related to her by blood. He was adopted by her biological mother after she’d lost hope of finding her daughter again.

In the end, the wedding went on and the couple exchanged their “I Do’s.”

Reporting by Sean Tyler Chan / AdChoiceTV News (Hong Kong)

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