Fanny Serrano now on life support: ‘I can’t take this anymore’ — Sharon Cuneta

AdChoiceTV News — Sharon Cuneta has taken to social media to express her dismay over recent developments regarding celebrity stylist Fanny Serrano’s serious medical condition.

File Photo — Fanny Serrano

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the actress said, “HINDI KO NA KAYA (I can’t take this anymore). Tita Fanny is on life support…meaning, without all the machines connected to him, he would no longer be able to breathe on his own.”

Sharon announced on social media last March 16 that her close friend suffered a “massive stroke” and was brought to the hospital.

In her latest update, Sharon shared that she had promised Serrano many years ago that she would take care of him “until the end.”

“I do not know what to do with myself…TF, I promised you years ago that I would take care of you until the end… I think I have kept that promise,” she said.

“But THIS IS NOT the end I want for you…I know it is all God s call and His decision, but I wish you weren t in this situation. I truly have no words to say…there are just no words for how painful this is for me and the others who love you,” she added.

The Megastar also lamented the death of her fashion designer Rocky Gathercole, and called on her fans and loved ones to continue pray for Serrano s recovery.

“Bakit naman right after Rocky s passing ikaw naman ang nasa peligro agad ngayon..? Bakit ba yung mga pinakamahal ko o tumatak sa puso ko, kayo ang umiiwan sa akin in these past couple of years lang? (Why must your life be on the line right after Rocky’s passing? Why have the people I love most been leaving me the past couple of years?” the actress said.

“PAGOD NA PAGOD NA AKONG NAWAWALAN NG MAHAL SA BUHAY. Huwag muna po sana, Lord (I am so tired to losing the people I love. Not yet, Lord),” she added.

Fanny Serrano is the longtime stylist to some of local showbiz biggest stars and is known as one of the “pioneers of beauty” in the industry.

He was also rushed to the hospital in 2016 after suffering a stroke.

Reporting by Marynor Caraig

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