Mario Maurer’s camp demands Kakai Bautista to stop using Thai star’s name

AdChoiceTV News — The management of Thai actor Mario Maurer has demanded comedienne Kakai Bautista to stop using the actor’s name for career or personal gain.

📸 Kakai Bautista Instagram

AdChoiceTV News received a copy of the demand letter sent to Kakai’s management Artist Gallery Management, signed by the lawyer of Mario’s management Kwaonhar Nine Nine Co., Ltd., with a subject that said, “Demanding to Cease, Desist and Refrain from further use and reference of the name of Mario Maurer.”

“We have been informed of unauthorized use of Mario Maurer name by several events, and it has come to our attention that your talent, Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista is the person who continues to use the name of Mario Maurer to attach to herself without consent nor knowledge. Moreover, not only Mario Maurer name but also make the false statement in related to Mario Maurer’s manager,” the demand letter read.

“By so using the name of our talent, Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista is improperly exploiting the name, image and reputation of Mario Maurer and his manager, and may be violating existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Thailand. Cease and Desist and Refrain from any further use of the name of Mario Maurer and his manager, or any reference to him, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to the uses described hereinabove,” it added.

Attached in the demand letter were copies of news articles wherein Kakai said that she and Mario told each other “I love you” and Mario was the reason that she felt secure this pandemic. The Thai actor’s management said that it’s not true and that they will pursue a legal action if Kakai continues to use Mario’s name.  

“Should you fail to confirm to us in writing that you have complied and/or will comply with the above demand to cease, desist and refrain under this letter hereof, our talent, Kwaonhar and its staff will have no other alternative but to pursue (without any further notice to you) formal claims against your talent to protect his rights to the broadest extent,” the letter said. null

Mario’s camp told AdChoiceTV News in a direct message today that Kakai has not yet replied to the letter although she seemingly must have known about it because the letter, sent via e-mail, did not bounce and there were published news stories about it.

Kakai and Mario starred in 2012 romantic-comedy “Suddenly It’s Magic” with Erich Gonzales.

Reporting by Sean Tyler Chan

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