Sharon Cuneta asks for prayers for Fanny Serrano who suffered massive stroke

AdChoiceTV News — Megastar Sharon Cuneta asked for prayers for celebrity stylist Fanny Serrano, who she said suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday.

Fanny Serrano

Cuneta relayed Serrano’s condition in a video posted on her Facebook page, saying he was conscious and undergoing treatment.

“Hi guys, it’s me again, I’m still not feeling so well, but it’s a private thing supposedly, but I can’t, there’s no way around it. I really would just like to ask for your prayers because Tita Fanny Serrano had a massive stroke today,” the Megastar said in her video.

“He’s being treated, he’s conscious, but please can I just ask you to pray for him,” she added.


Cuneta said she originally did not want to disclose his medical condition but felt obliged to do so that she could request prayers.

“I’m sorry but I need — prayers work wonders talaga, so can you just please, please pray for Tita Fanny, I love him so much, he’s been like a family to me for three decades, please, please pray for him, his healing, thank you so much,” Cuneta said.

Reporting by Albert Rovic Tan

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