Do not despair, I will not leave you

‘MALIIT NA BAGAY ITO SA BUHAY NATIN.’ Says Duterte over Covid-19 surge

AdChoiceTV News — President Rodrigo Duterte, in tonight’s weekly address marking one year of lockdown in the country, told his constituents to “not despair” over the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Do not despair. Kaya natin itong Covid na ito. Maliit na bagay ito sa buhay natin. Marami tayong dinaanan na mas grabe, mas mahirap,” Duterte said.

The Philippines, which is currently battling another surge, has been struggling to bounce back ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit. Over 600,000 cases have been tallied by the Department of Health, with almost 13,000 deaths nationwide.

In addition, various pandemic-induced roadblocks have brought the Philippine economy into the deepest recession in more than two decades. Businesses and establishments have shut down nationwide as the unemployment rate hit a 16-year-high, with four million people left jobless as of January.

Citizens have expressed dismay over the administration’s measures to combat the pandemic: a survey conducted by a Singaporean research institution revealed that Filipinos are the most disapproving of their government’s COVID-19 response.

However, Malacañang insisted that it was doing an “excellent job” in managing the country’s current situation up until the recent rise of new cases.

This is not just a small thing in our life, this is the WORST!!!

Reporting by Letizia Tinoco

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