Commonwealth shooting: PDEA says agents on legit operation near mall

AdChoiceTV News — The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has confirmed that their agents were doing a legitimate operation near a mall along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, where a gunfight erupted early Wednesday evening.

PDEA’s response came after members of the media sought their clarification amid sketchy reports tagging the agency and police officers in the shooting incident.

PDEA spokesperson Director Derrick Carreon said on Wednesday night that they also have no exact details about the incident, but that what they could confirm is that the agency’s Special Enforcement Service (SES) was conducting a legitimate anti-drug operation in the area.

“Sa ngayon, isa lang po ang malinaw… na ang PDEA Special Enforcement Service ay nandoon on a legitimate operation po,” Carreon told reporters.

(As of now, only one thing is clear, that the PDEA Special Enforcement Service was there on a legitimate operation.)

Earlier, both the Quezon City Police District Station 6 in Batasan Hills and mall chain Ever Gotesco Malls confirmed the shooting incident. However, a more detailed report has yet to come in as of this posting.

Meanwhile, The Ever Gotestco Malls has assured shoppers inside its Commonwealth branch are safe after gunfires rang out early Wednesday evening near the mall in Quezon City.

A statement posted on the mall chain’s Facebook page indicated that they “secured all access to the mall” to make that shoppers inside while the incident happened are safe.

It also said it is now coordinating with authorities regarding “the current situation.”

Earlier, officers from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Station 6 in Batasan Hills confirmed to adchoicetv news that a shooting incident was ongoing near the mall. Unconfirmed reports said the shooting incident occurred at a fast-food restaurant outside the mall’s premises.

“Our priority right now is to ensure the safety of the employees and the public. The management is closely coordinating with the PNP of the current situation. Please bear with us as we allow the authorities to handle the situation,” it added.

Ever Gotesco Malls also appealed to the public to refrain from sharing unverified information which may lead to confusion.

“For now, we hope for everyone’s cooperation to exercise caution in sharing unconfirmed information online. Thank you,” it added.

Reporting by Irvin Chua

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