MerryMart ventures into wholesale trade

MerryMart will soon start accepting membership applications for its MM Wholesale Club program.

AdChoiceTV News — MerryMart Consumer Corp., the grocery chain of tycoon Edgar “Injap” Sia II, is expanding into wholesale operations, competing with other wholesale superstores such as Landers and S&R.

MerryMart will soon start accepting membership applications for its MM Wholesale Club program.

Through this, MerryMart will be able to fulfill the wholesale needs of the market including needs of the businesses who would want to further increase their efficiency and avail of the savings of purchasing wholesale by the case, said Sia, chairman of MerryMart.

In line with this, the company is targeting to complete a new modern 11,000 square meter logistics distribution center in North Luzon by April.

The MM logistics distribution Center will open in CentralHub-Tarlac in North Luzon. At present, MerryMart’s operating distribution center is located in South Luzon (Laguna).

The MM Wholesale Club is open for business or individual memberships and the membership is currently free of charge. Members will benefit from various perks that will be provided for all the MM Warehouse Club members.

Business membership, meanwhile, will be suited for sari-sari stores, restaurants, carinderias, minimarts, hotels, offices, canteens, LGUs, hospitals, catering services, etc. Individual membership will be suited for any individual who opts to buy supplies in bulk or by the case for household consumption, or for any of their wholesale requirements from time to time for special events.

Wholesale customers may also opt to purchase items directly at the MM Logistics Distribution Center. The new hub will service both MM Wholesale Club members and the retail branches of the MerryMart Group.

Hannah Yulo-Luccini, CFO of MerryMart, said the MM Wholesale Club is expected to significantly increase the volume and scale of the MM Group and further increase its efficiencies and improve margins.

This will immediately expand the current market of MerryMart and address the needs of a currently underserved wholesale market with limited options in the past, she said. — via Albert Rovic Tan / AdChoiceTV News

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