37 more Filipinos abroad infected, 23 dead from COVID-19

AdChoiceTV News — Foreign affairs officials on Monday reported 37 new coronavirus infections and 23 deaths among Filipinos abroad, with the total number of patients now at 12,929.

DFA in a daily bulletin said today’s additional cases were from Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

There was no explanation for the high number of fatalities reported just four days into the new year, with the death count now at 934.

Officials in the past have usually attributed the surge in cases to late reports from countries with privacy concerns. 

To date, there are 8,390 Filipino patients who have recovered, with three more reported today.

Some 3,605, meanwhile, continue to receive treatment across 84 countries that have reported infections among its Filipino communities.

The Middle East continues to account for the highest number of Filipinos infected at 7,681, with deaths now at 601 and recoveries at 4,677.

Asia follows with 2,685 infections, 21 fatalities and 1,855 patients who got well. 

Europe, meanwhile, has 1,781 cases, 118 deaths and 1,332 recoveries, while the Americas have 782 cases, 194 deaths and 526 recoveries.

As the world enters 2021 under a pandemic, there are now 85.2 million individuals infected across 191 countries. 

There had also been 1.84 million deaths, with the US leading in both cases at 20.6 million infections and over 351,000 deaths.

India, Brazil, Russia and France follow while the Philippines with its more than 478,000 cases put it at the 29th spot. — Irvin Chua / AdChoiceTV News

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