Residents returning to Manila would have to get tested for COVID-19 first

AdChoiceTV News — Manila residents who are returning home after the holidays would have to head to a quarantine facility to get tested for COVID-19 before they are welcomed back into their respective barangays.

This new policy, aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, was laid out in a recent letter from the Manila Health Department to barangay chiefs and is effective beginning Saturday, January 2.

Returning Manila residents who would need to get COVID-19 tests may do so at the following quarantine facility, whichever may be nearest to them:null

  • District 1 – T. Paez Quarantine Facility (09618977816.09286731715)
  • District 2 – Patricia Sports Complex Quarantine Facility (09179609112)
  • District 3 – Arellano Quarantine Facility (09184044627)
  • District 4 – Dapitan Sports Complex Quarantine Facility (09516729122)
  • District 5 – San Andres Sports Complex Quarantine Facility (09178031925)
  • District 6 – Bacood Quarantine Facility (09461430364/09086877105) 

Everyone who would get tested for COVID-19 would have to spend a day or two in a quarantine facility as they wait for their results.

Those who test positive would be brought to quarantine facilities for COVID-19 patients, while those who test negative would be given a medical certificate along with their test results which they can present for entry into their barangays.

The city government of Manila has also created a website for residents to pre-register for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said the city government has reached out to United States drugmaker Pfizer Inc. and biotech company Moderna Inc. to purchase their coronavirus vaccines, which the city government has so far allotted P200 million for.

The Philippines has the second worst outbreak in Southeast Asia, next to Indonesia’s over 743,000 cases.

The country reported its first COVID-19 case on Jan. 30, 2020: a 38-year-old woman from Wuhan in China, where the virus first appeared in late 2019. Her companion, a 44-year-old man, was the first confirmed fatality outside China. — Jacob Tinoco / AdChoiceTV News

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