Dec 28 – Dec 31, 2020 Metro Manila Coding Advisory

AdChoiceTV News — Last Week of the Year 2020 is very busy and very traffic as this is the last minute preparation week of everyone in welcoming 2021. Many are hoping that 2021 will be the new beginning as the suffering of 2020 was very depressing.

As for the Number Coding Scheme in Metro Manila and Calabarzon it is still suspended in the Last Week of 2020 as per MMDA despite of the GCQ status of Metro Manila. But Truck Ban will be implemented on all major roads like Edsa, C5 etc to ease the traffic of the New Year rush. So for those truck drivers (6 wheel up) you are prohibited to use Major Roads on your ban hours.

December 30 is a legal holiday in celebration of Rizal Day while December 31 is a special non working day as it is the last day of the year 2020.

Meanwhile, in Makati City they will still implement coding scheme for December 28 and December 29 but with certain exemptions. Meaning if you are travelling alone, you can’t use your car on your number coding day but if you are travelling with someone or more then you are exempted from their coding scheme.

Always travel with caution. Wear your mask and bring alcohol. Maintain social distancing and avoid attending to any gatherings. Face shield is required in Metro Manila so don’t forget to bring one.

It’s holiday season so expect heavy traffic on major roads as many of our citizens are on a christmas rush, added the fact that the coding scheme was suspended. 

Local Government Unit prohibits the use of Karaoke and fire crackers on new years celebration so please refrain in using those to avoid being arrested.

AdChoiceTV News will continue to update weekly coding scheme during the quarantine period and will resume daily updates once everything is back to normal.

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News update contributed by Sean Tyler Chan.

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