The League of Filipino actors – AKTOR is now officially SEC-registered. Dingdong Dantes sits as the chairman of the Board. Agot Isidro as the CEO/President. Currently, AKTOR has 135 members.

AKTOR is open to all active (2-3 years active work in TV, Film and stage – mainstream or indie) actors. In a zoom interview with some of its Board of Directors, the group shared that the thrust of AKTOR is to look after the welfare of the community in the industry.

According to AKTOR President Agot Isidro, the biggest challenge of actors today is looking for jobs.

‘A lot of our members, siguro half are not working. Hindi pa sila back to work. There are fortunate ones na back to working pero yung iba are still not working.’

The past few months, AKTOR has been actively helping some of its members thru AKTOR TINDAHAN; the group also was able to send out more than a million worth of relief and cash aid to Typhoon Ulysses-affected families.

One of the first changes that the group pushed for is the cut-off period during taping/filming:

Iza Calzado said: ‘We fought for that. That 2am cut off, we fought for that so that they don’t have to experience what we experienced.’

The group wishes to have its own building/office, retirement & healthcare benefits for members, funds for projects.

Cherry Pie Picache: ‘Pangarap ko talaga na maging international yung access sa different actor organizations from different countries can create a network.’

For Mylene Dizon: ‘Pangarap ko talaga na mag-iba ang tingin ng tao sa amin. Hindi lang kami marunong magpapatak ng luha sa kaliwang mata namin. Meron kaming saysay. We count..’

Dizon also wishes to include actors from other regions in their group. — via MJ Felipe

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